Specialist Labour


Site Service Engineering are leading suppliers of specialist labour to support our clients for short- to medium- term requirements.

Our workforce consists of over 100 skilled and experienced engineers, employed on full time contracts. We do not employ agency workers as we are committed to providing the highest quality work for our clients.

We supply experienced, time-served tradesmen on daywork rates or full package quotations. Our tradesmen come from all engineering trades, including structural and coded welders, platers, mechanical & pipe fitters, riggers, and steel erectors.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our specialist labour, particularly in welding. Our specialist welders focus on welding engineering problems, weld failure analysis, eliminating weld defects, soldering, brazing, expert witness services, and developing welding procedures.

Other services

Industrial Pipework Engineering

We are experts in the design, fabrication and installation of industrial and commercial pipework, providing quality contract trade labour to a variety of industries and applications.

Structural Steel Engineering

Specialising in the design, fabrication and installation of structural steel, we are accredited to BS EN 1090 to ensure full compliance with our clients’ exacting needs.

Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels

We are storage tank and pressure vessel engineers, offering cleaning, inspection and repair services for these vast containers on which so many companies and industries depend.

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